Урок-викторина День Святого Валентина в 10 классе

1. Try your best, don’t waste your time!
A) Oh, my pretty little dove!
2. I’m sending you my love
B) Will you be my Valentine?
3.Your eyes are bright your eyes are fine
C) My Valentine true!
4. What a pleasure is to find
D) If you are my Valentine!
5. Still waters run deep
E) Where is your Valentine?
6. I love you with all my heart
F) My trusty friend, my Valentine!
7. Flowers need sunshine, violets need dew
G) You are my Valentine!
8. Loving you all through time
H) To a person who’s reading this
9. My heart for you
I) Always be my Valentine’!
10. Everything will be fine
J) Loving hearts can’t sleep!
11. Sweet heart of mine
K) All angels in heaven know I need you!
12. I’m sending a heart kiss
L) You look so nice, you look so smart!
Match numbers and letters to make a rhyme

Roses are, Violets are, Sugar is, And so!
Snowdrops are Spring is And I you.

All the paper in the country,
All the stamps and pens and
I should need if I should you
All the I think!
Finish the rhyme to make a short poem

Create your ownValentine’s card


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